Our Story

The love of traveling was inborn to me and my husband. Each place we visited had its unique charm and talent. Right from small villages in India to the streets of Italy, Spain, Morocco and France, we found so many amazing artists and master art crafters whose works are exceptional and unique but unrecognized to the world. Their art is obscure as very few people get the opportunity to travel through those small parts of world. And that's how the idea of Mackroon was born.

At Mackroon, we aspire to bring the world to you! It's a platform where handmade products by these undiscovered artists from around the world are available for everyone to buy. But we don't stop there, we have an amazing team of curators who further shortlist these products to choose only the most artsy, fashionable and stylish ones for you.

Our travel around the world has taught us one thing: It's a beautiful world out there and everyone deserves to be with their loved ones for as long as possible. To do our bit, 10% of all our profits go towards funding healthcare for those who can't afford it through Watsi.

We hope you will see the love we put in choosing the most awesome and unique handcrafted products for you.

Nikki n Chirag