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7 Best Necklaces For Every Dress

Internet is full of awesome necklaces and we know you are always looking for that one best option that you can wear for your work or social get togethers that gets all your friends saying, ‘that looks awesome’ or ‘where did you get that from?

So, we did digging from over 100+ sources of big stores, fashion boutiques, fashion blogs, Instagram celebrity choices and your local artists to shortlist top 7 necklaces that have the ‘wow factor’, ‘fashion factor’ and are handcrafted to perfection. Whether you are looking for ‘best gift for her’ or buying this for yourself, we bet you’ll fall in love with these precious collections.

1. Vida Beaded Statement Necklace

This one tops our list for the elegance and wow factor it delivers for the price $34.95. We saw many beaded necklaces at your top retailers which come at 5 times the price but doesn’t come close to the quality or luxury this necklace exudes. To top it off this necklace is handcrafted by local artisans and then polished to perfection. It comes in 3 colors black, white and green. We feel whether you wear this at work or at a party, it's sure to bring you loads of compliments.

2. Petals Handcrafted Statement Necklace


True to its name, this petal necklace has a unique coastal charm that made us fall in love, the moment we saw it. The flower petal shape around your neck gives you such an elegant look. To add to its charm, it comes in 3 amazing color options red, turquoise and blue. At $29.95 this is an absolute steal. 

3. Om Tribal Threaded Statement Necklace

Yes, this one is more for special occasions like social get together, parties and anniversaries. We tried this and loved how contemporary and rich it looks at the same time. This also has a bit of wild flare to it that says you’re bold. So, if you are planning on being dressy anytime soon, we recommend get this now and thank us later. Price you ask? Only $29.95.

4. Pura Tribal Statement Necklace

Ok so you want to dress to floor at next occasion? Here you go with the necklace that rules them all. Our in-house divas who curate thousands of fashion products say this is their go-to necklace for those special occasions and the colors are on point with most of the dress to accentuate those pretty necklines. Find it here for $29.95.

5. Aloha Beach Pendant Necklace

Going to a beach party or vacation? In this beautiful turquoise pendant necklace you are sure to steal glances with its intricate beauty and glamorous design. Make your beach dress stand out on the next getaway and make an impression that will last forever! Find it for $29.95

6. The Turk Beaded Pendant Necklace

Turquoise and red infuses a pop of vibrance to every ensemble. Traditional yet modern, this piece is sure to win you admirers where ever you go.  Find it for $29.95

7. Hakuna Tribal Threaded Statement Necklace

You will fall in love with these ethnic yet contemporary tribal statement necklaces at the first glance and so will the onlookers. Threaded with perfection, they create an aura of tradition with just the right touch of modernity. It's perfect for women who love to wear elegant, unique and unusual handcrafted statement pieces to leave an impression on one and all.  Find it for $29.95

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